Helping Coolr and Burger King to bust some fast food myths

The client

We were brought on by Coolr, one of the UK’s leading social media agencies, to work on the influencer marketing element of their client Burger King’s campaign. 

Burger King is the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world. With franchises located across the world, it’s one of the biggest names in the fast food industry. 

The challenge

There has been a shift in the fast food industry with younger audiences placing importance on sustainability, organic produce and even veganism. By creating the ‘Conspiracy Challenge’, Burger King wanted to assure people that their ingredients are locally sourced and that they use 100% real meat. Our top lifestyle and comedy creators were tasked with creating the most extreme and entertaining conspiracies about what was in the burger.

The solution

We used our award-winning Bytesights tool to identify eight of our best performing Lifestyle & Comedy creators on TikTok to build the campaign. Our influencers delivered unique and entertaining TikTok videos for the Conspiracy Challenge, all of which were incredibly creative whilst also ensuring that Burger King’s brand points were championed. This allowed the diverse content to really resonate with their audiences whilst landing the important message behind the campaign. 

The Results

We exceeded the initial targets for the campaign with 575K views vs a deliverable of 500K, as well as a very high 17% engagement rate. Additionally, the client was particularly impressed with our ability to achieve this within an extremely tight deadline of 1.5 weeks.



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May 2021




Influencer Campaign






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@stevie.knows THE BK WHOPPER BE LIKE... @burgerkinguk #whopper #burgerking ♬ original sound - Stevie Knows
@itslilyrose Trying @burgerkinguk #whopper burger meal for the first time! #BurgerKing ♬ original sound - Lily-Rose 🌹
@matthewandryanuk He thought his #BurgerKing was grilled on the sun 😂☀️ But the #Whopper is flame grilled & made of 100% British & Irish beef @burgerkinguk #Prank ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod