Combining award-winning creativity with performance marketing to drive scalable conversion.

Influencer marketing shouldn’t live in its own silo – when combined with strong performance marketing, it’s the key to unlocking great ROI.


We leverage our creator community to deliver organic, platform-specific content.

We rigorously A/B test to uncover the best performing content.

We then scale this across the desired platforms (Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Youtube), to unlock massive CTR, VTR and conversions.


See how we drove 10x roas for an ecommerce brand

We recently worked with upmarket ‘selfie-lighting’ brand Glamcor on a paid media strategy to drive sales for their Multimedia Content Creation Kit.



Glamcor had struggled to see a significant ROI amongst the Gen-Z audience from their previous activity – a demographic they were keen to tap into.

The Solution

Utilising our influencer network, we developed a series of engaging creatives aimed at driving conversions from Gen-Z. Through use of a TikTok and Snapchat’s paid sales funnels, Glamcor saw a 10x ROAS, with an AOV of  £212.

Download our GLAMCOR one-pager case study here for more info.

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