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Bytesized is the talent management arm of Fanbytes; a separate, dedicated team that manages some of the UK’s biggest and best Gen Z content creators.

It also included the Bytesquad – 6 top TikTok creators who made history as members of Europe’s first ever TikTok House (conceived and built by us during the first 2020 lockdown).

how can you work with our bytesized talent?

From product collaborations and TikTok ‘challenges’ to long term partnerships and brand ambassadorship, our Bytesized Talent creators provide brands with direct connections to their hugely engaged Gen Z audiences.

You can work directly with our Bytesized Talent team who’ll help you to partner with the most relevant influencer talent for a specific campaign.

Or if you’re already a Fanbytes client, you’ll have the advantage of being able to tap into our managed talent at any point – making for much quicker turnarounds and less red tape.

The Bytehouse

Prior to the first nationwide lockdown, we moved 6 of the biggest UK TikTok influencers, also known as the ‘Bytesquad’, into a house in London to self-isolate together.  







They created entertaining ‘Big Brother’ style content for Gen Z and their 15 million + combined fans to enjoy on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram for a whole three months. 

From set challenges by brand partners to prank videos and daily vlogs, they provided Gen Z with endless amounts of content to watch whilst isolating indoors.

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