How We Helped ACCA Transform Perceptions Of Accounting With Gen Z



13.6% Engagement


The Client

ACCA (Associated of Certified Certified Accountants) is a leading professional accountancy body with over 100 years of history. Established as the “go to” guys for accountancy qualifications, they have over 200,000 members and work with 500,000 students across the globe. Having used traditional marketing practises to promote their brand, ACCA wanted to find a fresh and exciting approach to attract the next generation of members and change perceptions of accounting. 

The Challenge

It comes as no surprise that a lot of accountancy firms struggle with finding the best methods to tell their stories in an authentic way and at scale. Having earmarked Gen Z as their key audience, ACCA wanted to deliver a disruptive brand activation engaging Gen Z on their native platforms. As well as driving awareness, part of the aim was to change perceptions of accounting as “dull, boring, elitist and exclusive” to “exciting, impactful, and relevant”. The key aims and metrics for the client were to: 

1.Drive brand awareness – measured by views.

2. Change perceptions – measured by audience engagement.

3. Drive traffic to their landing page – measured by clicks.

Gen Z Insights

Building Trust With Influencers 

As you can imagine, engaging a Gen Z audience effectively is difficult for a brand like ACCA which has no presence on platforms like TikTok. We know that Gen Z are more likely to trust an influencer’s opinion and utilising TikTok influencers as ambassadors can help brands authentically engage with Gen Z on new platforms. 

Capturing Attention With AR Lens

With Gen Z notoriously having small attention spans, it’s important to engage them with content that is creative, quick and exciting. Using AR lenses on Snapchat is a fantastic way to create a fun, interactive, and authentic experience that can also drive traffic. Having used AR lenses in a number of previous campaigns with great success, we thought this would be a perfect addition for the client.

Using Live-Streaming For Deeper Engagement

Many brands underestimate the power of live-streaming on TikTok. Live streaming is a great way to generate real-time engagement and can help provide a deeper connection between creators and their followers. Although the audience size is not the same as infeed posts, the level of engagement where people can comment, reply and discuss topics in real time is unrivalled on the platform.

The Solution

We ran a multi pronged campaign on Snapchat & TikTok utlising influencer posts, AR lens and a live-stream AMA (Ask Me Anything). 

1. Snapchat Activation

Using previous campaign data, we choose the best performing Snapchat influencers in the student and lifestyle space to create posts for the client. The influencers talked about the ACCA qualifications in their own words, with the key messaging about the need for accountants in creative industries such as music, film and TV. The ‘natural conversation’ style helped insert ACCA organically into the conversation, allowing users to ‘swipe up’ to find out more


2. AR Lens

To further boost engagement and add a layer of fun, we deployed an interactive AR lens on Snapchat that was overlaid on influencers posts. The lens allowed users to switch between two filters; one representative of a stereotypical boring accountant and the other, a reflection of the ‘broken down stereotype digitally-savvy’ accountant.


3. TikTok Activation

To help the client make a splash on TikTok, we created a campaign where two TikTok influencers went to the client’s office and experienced life as an accountant. They each created 3 TikToks with one prepping for the day, one with the accountants doing a fun activity and then a final one preparing to live a day of an accountant. This was all done with the funny tongue in cheek style that sits well on TikTok without over-branding the piece.


4. Live-Stream

We got our TikTok influencers to follow up their TIkTok posts with a TikTok live-stream where the influencers encouraged their followers to ask them anything about accounting in a TikTok AMA.  Fans asked a range of questions such as how to know when accountancy might be wrong for them, what the best path to accountancy was and everything in between. By using live streaming, their followers were able to partake in a real time conversation.

The Results

  • Awareness – 1.5M views
  • Engagement – 13.6% engagement rate, 182K hearts
  • Traffic – 15K clicks, 3.26% CTR

Central to the campaign was driving brand awareness and in this regard the campaign over delivered. Views surpassed guarantees by 500% clocking 1,500,000 views across TikTok & Snapchat.  

In regards to the secondary aims of driving engagement there were over 182,000 hearts and a 13.6% engagement rate – great results for any brand, not least a brand with no presence on the platform. Most importantly there was a 97% positive brand sentiment firmly placing ACCA at the heart of the TikTok community.

In relation to the final aim of driving clicks, we drove over 15,000 clicks with an average CTR of 3.26%.

What The Client Had To Say


In addition to this Karen was impressed with our influencer selection, using our managed talent Sherice as one of the key brand ambassadors. Here’s what she had to say:

“Sherice has a reputation as a super high energy TikTokker with over 580,000 followers. It was a bit like meeting a TV personality, despite having never met before, we felt like we knew her already. It was easy to see why she attracts such a following.” 


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