Tapping into the Graduate Market using Snapchat Influencers




Who are Debut?

Debut, a student-focused recruitment app, were aiming to becoming the go-to location for graduate jobs in the UK. Their various campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram performed well and were hoping to emulate that success on Snapchat although their preliminary attempts had proven comparatively unsuccessful.

What was the plan?

Using past campaigns targeting a similar student audience, we activated influencers on Snapchat to let people know about Debut. Context was most important to this so we activated influencers who were close to graduating as they could authentically promote the app. In some cases, we had influencers on their graduation day actually doing the promotion. We then weaved in memes from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air which further emphasised the millennial nature of the app.


What was the result?

The emphasis on culture and context paid off with Debut getting over 10% CTR on their campaigns and a reduction on their Facebook CPI by 20%. Following this campaign, Debut moved their entire influencer budget to Fanbytes with us planning and executing on their 2019/2020 student campaigns.

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