How We Drove A ROAS Of 493% For Glamcor On Snapchat & TikTok


The Client

Glamcor are best known as the leading manufacturer of professional portable lighting and vanity mirrors. Their products are predominantly used by makeup artists, TV producers, and performers. 

They approached us with the goal of utilising our combination of Snapchat and TikTok expertise to drive users and conversions to their DTC site. Ultimately, they were looking to cement their impact amongst the Gen Z audiences on these platforms. 

The Challenge

As mentioned, Glamcor were keen to actively engage Gen Z audiences on TikTok & Snapchat to drive traffic and conversions to their site. However, through their own in-house paid activity, they were unable to acquire Gen-Z as customers effectively as they were consistently met with a high price point, with their products being categorised as ‘luxury’. 

So, our biggest challenge was to find unique ways to increase awareness, consideration, and sales among this demographic by taking a cost-effective approach.

The Solution

Our strategy consisted of building an awareness funnel through organic TikTok posts, then leveraging paid ads, and finally, retargeting users on Snapchat – with separate custom Snapchat audiences also being trialed and retargeted.

To kick off the organic side of the campaign, we used our Fanbytes platform and identified 6 influencers best fit to target females in the US aged 25+. These influencers were then gifted different Glamcor products that they wanted to promote. In order to craft creatives that would resonate with Gen Z we granted our influencers creative freedom to integrate the products into their content whilst showcasing their unique features and lighting.

As well as this, they were directed to include a strong CTA to encourage people to click the link in bio and drive traffic to site. The result was a range of content from unboxing, to showing how to be your very own IG boyfriend using the Glamcor kit!

These organic posts were repurposed as paid ads on TikTok and then in order to serve these ads to the most valuable potential customers, we utilised them as retargeting on Snapchat.

The Results

  • Clicks – 6,763
  • Average Order Value – £206/$281
  • ROAS – 493%

Having the ads and the organic influencer campaign working in tandem has played a huge part in both being a success.

Glamcor were pleased to see we were able to drive a super high average order value at £206 and a 1186% ROAS with our best performing ad set. What’s more, we were able to generate as much value from Gen-Z as older audiences, truly cementing them with this audience.

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