How We Drove A 72% Uplift In Streams Through A Viral TikTok Challenge

The Client

The London-based independent record label and publishing company, Good Soldier was started in 2004 by Christian Tattersfield with Good Soldier Songs. After leaving his position as CEO of Warner Music in 2014, Tattersfield then set up the Good Soldier Records, creating a world-renowned company.

The Challenge

Good Soldier approached Fanbytes in order to drive more streams to Jubel’s ‘Dancing In The Moonlight.’ The label wanted to drive up engagement and user-generated content around the song as well as pushing off-platform traffic via meaningful TikTok engagement.

Due to the high amount of trending sounds on the TikTok platform, it would take a lot of creativity and strategising to drive more stream conversions to the song. 

The Solution

For this campaign, we asked a range of influencers to use ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ in their videos with a creative slant suited to their particular niche. We started with 6 influencers and added 3 more for the second stage, creating an influencer retargeting strategy.

Using our Tiktok analytics tool, Bytesights, we identified that #freetobe was a rapidly rising hashtag and so asked our influencers to use it in their videos. Influencers also used the #dancinginthemoonlight hashtag which had an existing fanbase on Tiktok. Combining these trending and existing hashtags was vital to help seamlessly push the Jubel track into an existing conversation.

The Results

For this campaign, we increased our guaranteed views on the TikTok sound by 300%, reaching 3.8million+ views.

The influencer videos received 745,368+ hearts and 13,443 comments. In addition, 28.4K+ pieces of user-generated content have also been created using the song.

Most importantly, the view count translated into a 72% increase in streams across Spotify and Apple Music. 


Why It Worked

By layering the influencer content, Good Soldier’s budget did not just create a splash in a short window of time, but more of a viral snowball effect where everyone was talking about the song. This completely transformed the campaign from being a moment in time to a real conversation and encouraged more user-generated content.

Because we employed a wide range of influencers, the content of the fans’ videos showed massive variation and creativity, giving wider scope to the song.

Here are some of the user comments left on the influencer videos:

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