How We Drove Thousands Of Installs For Mattel 163’s New Mobile Game


The Client

Mattel163 is a collaboration between multinational toy manufacturing company Mattel and Chinese internet giant NetEase. They produce and publish mobile games characterised by iconic toy IPs from Mattel, such as UNO!. Phase 10: World Tour is a multiplayer mobile app card game that plays on the twists of UNO!, the classic family game, and introduces it to an online audience.

The Challenge

UNO! drove 80 million+ global downloads and the challenge was to help position Phase 10: World Tour at the forefront of digital gameplay and live up to the same reputation as UNO! 

The brief was to generate mass hype and drive installs to the game on TikTok, targeting a very niche audience of 25-34 year old females in the US. So, the second challenge would be to devise engaging creatives that appealed to this highly specific demographic. 

The Solution

Driving installs via TikTok is still a fairly new practice so app marketers are still unsure about what works and what doesn’t. Using our award-winning platform, we have activated 200+ campaigns for the world’s leading brands like King, Miniclip, Voodoo and Playdemic and have discovered effective content hacks that any app marketer can use to drive results using a combination of influencers + paid ads.

For this campaign, we developed highly converting creatives using both Bytesized Talent and our wider network. We worked closely with Mattel to ensure these were brand safe and in line with their values. What’s more, we created a detailed spending/targeting strategy to ensure the CPI was as low as possible.

We worked with various influencers in our network to develop a series of exciting, highly converting creatives, focused around the ‘Barbie’ and ‘Magic Bean’ events. We then split tested different creative approaches using popular influencers known amongst the target audience to creatively endorse the game. As well as this, we devised a series of skits and sketches to drive traffic and conversions.

The Results

Results summary:

  • We drove 76,128 clicks to the app that resulted in 11,581 conversions for the US side of this activation.
  • The overall conversion rate for the campaign was 15.21%, with some creatives averaging a 24% conversion rate.
  • The overall CPI was $3.03, which was $0.25 cheaper than their facebook activity.
  • 55.29% of conversions came from females, 44.71% came from males.
  • 70% of installs came from iOS, 30% came from Android.
  • The average CPI on iOS was $2.98, the average Android CPI was $3.07.

Key Takeaways/Learnings

There are a few key things every app marketer needs to know before they market on TikTok. One of the most important is that TikTok’s success and popularity is driven by content featuring real people. If you are amongst one of the brands that choose to ignore this, then you will automatically fail. 

If you choose not to feature ‘real people’, you risk not only jeopardising your brand reputation but also driving away your target demographic that you’re spending money, effort and resources to ultimately captivate. 

You can bypass this by leveraging influencers in your content. In doing so, you’re able to arrive on the app almost as if you’re holding an ‘I come in peace’ sign. By using influencers; well-known faces who have built an army of fans on the app, users are more likely to 1. Actually watch the content and 2. Build affinity with your brand and convert, as we have seen in this campaign. 

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