Creating an a-peel-ing influencer activation for McDonalds




What was the client looking for?

Fast food giant, McDonalds, was looking to add some extra oomph to its ‘Peely Peely’ campaign, which they were already running at full force on traditional media. McDonalds knew that in order to get more British Gen Zers to get to their stores to play their much loved McDonalds Monopoly promo, they would need to turn to Instagram influencer marketing. Knowing that Fanbytes are the Gen Z experts- McDonalds was confident that we could give them that boost they needed.

What was the plan?

The first step was for us to optimise the pre-existing campaign concept for use on Instagram stories- the creative needed to be quick, snappy and attention grabbing. The final concept saw influencers asking their audiences ‘Do You #PeelyPeely?’ whilst doing the signature ‘peely peely’ finger motion that the entire campaign centred around. Rather than using a highly polished or overproduced creative, we opted for organic, wanting for the McDonalds creatives to fit seamlessly into the feeds of our selected influencers.

Once the concept was nailed, we used our unique and innovative Fanbytes influencer platform to match influencers to the campaign. With our platform, we’re able to match influencers to brands on the basis of their suitability- such as their audience demographics, content style and interests. We ended up with 9 influencers who were great for the McDonalds campaign. Each of the selected 9 seeded their ‘Do You #PeelyPeely’ video on their Instagram stories.


What was the result?

As expected, our campaign was a great success, with our influencers seeing a total of 329k views, 17k clicks and a CTR of 5.38%. With a winning combo of a great creative, and the best influencers for the job- we were sure that McDonalds would be loving our work.

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