How We Drove Installs For Moneyhub On Instagram & TikTok


The Client

Moneyhub is a budgeting app that uses open banking to bring the users’ banking information to one location and helps them achieve their financial goals.

They approached Fanbytes with the goal of leveraging our extensive influencer network to activate content creation activations on TikTok and Instagram ads. Why? To get Gen Z interested in their finances and drive Gen-Z installs and signups to the Moneyhub App.

The Challenge

Gen Z are known for being digital natives. What they’re not infamous for is their interest and zest for finance. This presented our client with their first challenge: finding a way to engage Gen-Z and peak their interest in their personal finances.

What they also found from previous campaign activations on other channels was that their CPI’s were alarmingly high (around £20+), and therefore, were not cost-effective. This emerged as our 2nd challenge: how can we drive cost-effective installs that outperformed their previous activations?

The Solution

We onboarded our accomplished managed talent to brainstorm and devise various creative angles that, in the end, were instrumental in effectively engaging young people’s interest in their personal finances.

Following the brainstorm, we developed a series of high performing creatives to encourage young adults to develop that interest in managing their finances and successfully positioning Moneyhub as the solution.

At ByteLabs, we take a 360 approach to performance marketing, leaving nothing to chance. Copy pays a core role in ad conversion so we also dedicated our time to crafting super converting pieces of copy in order to captivate and convert our audience.

Then we just had to put our foot on the gas and run the creatives on TikTok & Instagram.

But it didn’t stop there. We kept an eye on the performance of our creatives, constantly testing different creative approaches, as well as different copy to ensure that we secured most optimised activation that leads to the best results possible.

The Results

  • Clicks – 18,941
  • Installs – 313 
  • 25% reduction in CPI

The overall results were astounding and Moneyhub we’re extremely pleased. We not only drove 18,941 clicks to the app store but achieved 313 opened installs as a direct result of the activation. 

They were particularly delighted to find out that 54% of conversions came from females and 46% came from males as young females was a demographic they were keen to tap into.

What’s more notable is that we achieved the lowest CPI they have ever achieved with a 25% reduction in cost compared to their activity on other channels.

These results indicate that we were able to fulfil their ultimate goal: compel Gen Z users to find interest in managing their finances and position MoneyHub as the solution cost-effectively.

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