Creating a mock TikTok campaign for Mortal Kombat 11

Hashtag Views

User Generated

What did we do?

Wanting to show the true power TikTok has in the gaming industry, we decided to run a mock campaign using a well recognised gaming IP. Given that a new Mortal Kombat game was released this year, and a new Mortal Kombat movie has been announced, we thought it would be fitting to give TikTok a swing with the classic brawler.

What was the plan?

Knowing what works on TikTok and what doesn’t like the back of our hand- we weren’t hard pushed to come up with a challenge to promote the game. 

One of our managed TikTok stars created the initial video for the campaign- dressing up as an original Mortal Kombat character, and brawling with an opponent on the other side of the screen, accompanied with classic Mortal Kombat graphics and sounds.

We turned to TikTok’s in-built Duet feature to be the basis of the challenge; the feature allows users to create a split screen video with their friends and fellow creators. Once the initial video was posted, we got two more of our managed creators to duet with the first video, dressed up as different characters, and brawl back- in order to simulate a fight from the game- accompanied with the hashtag #MKFight.

Using the duet format encourages fans of well-known TikTok creators to join in with a trend and create their own content- in this case, the format encouraged regular TikTok users to join the battle and try their chances against Dj_Rangster.



What was the result?

The results of this campaign were astounding, having only used 3 influencers to seed the challenge, the #MKfight hashtag received 255k views. What’s more, over 1,300 users took part in the challenge by creating their own original content and duetting with the original post. These results are beyond impressive considering the small kickstart that the challenge was given- going to show that the platform’s creators can add rocketfuel to any marketing campaign.