How Kodak's App PixPax Beat Facebook Advertising With Influencers 

13k Swipe Ups

47% CPI Reduction

+15% AOV

The Problem

Pixpax, a mobile app which lets you order print outs of your favourite pictures approached Fanbytes to drive installs from quality users. Although Facebook and Instagram were two working channels, the quality and volume of users were low.

What was the campaign?

We activated lifestyle influencers on Snapchat helping them order prints which showed their fondest memories whilst telling their fans how easy it was to order via Pixpax. The fact the influencers had actually used the app was essential to organically promote the app leading a reduction in CPA of 50%. Most importantly, users from the Fanbytes campaign had a 15% higher increase average order value.

What was the result?

Pixpax were then able to use the influencer creatives on their traditional paid social which drastically reduced their CPIs by a â…“.