Beating Plato’s Competition with a Number 1. Trending Lens


Scans of Lenses


What was the challenge?

After helping drive DAUs from 20,000 to 250,000 in 6 months, Plato asked us to help drive brand awareness and engagement around their game Werewolf – a game where you play a villager being chased by werewolf. 

What was the plan?

We decided to use Snapchat lenses as our method, creating two lenses one being a lifelike 3d werewolf which attacked you as you got closer to it and the other being an immersive creaky haunted cabin.

To create anticipation, we created a series of short countdown Snapchat videos with a mysterious wolf growling and distributed it through our community Snapchat channels and publishers. 7 days before the lenses went live, we released a short video every day stirring intrigue and mystery.

On launch day, we launched the lenses distributing them to separate sections of our audience and encouraging people to use the lens and send us their stories.


What was the result?

This led to astounding results, the werewolf lens clocked over 3.18M views and the haunted cabin lens clocked an impressive 2.51M views.

The sheer number of people scanning and sharing – a much stronger action than just liking content shows how the lenses emotionally resulted with audiences.

Most remarkably they both become the number 1 trending lenses on the entire Snapchat app within the 7 days of the campaign running. For a single app to have both lenses becoming the trending lens is unrivalled in the world of Snapchat marketing and testament to the engagement and creativity used in divising the entire campaign.

The campaign caught the attention of global magazine Business Insider who then profiled the campaign in an article about Snapchat lenses.

Haunted Cabin


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