Getting More Players for Plato with TikTok Comedy Skits

Who Are Plato?


Plato, a social mobile gaming app, was looking to reach even more people with their fun games. After trying other paid socials in the past like Snapchat, Plato wanted to gain even greater traction while also showing the fun and super social features of the game.



100-200 Coments per Influencer Post

What was the plan?

Each influencer created their own unique take on the brief, resulting in a variety of fun campaign creatives that really showcased how enjoyable Plato is. The resulting creatives really showed off the fun and social spirit of the Plato app. Many influencers also created personal accounts on Plato and encouraged their fans to add them, creating an engaging element to the campaign.


What was the result?

Our 10 influencers got over 1.2M views between them and individually, each of our influencers saw up to 8000 hearts (likes) and 100-200 comments per post.