How gaming app Plato reached out to Generation Z




What was the challenge?

Mobile gaming studio Plato were looking to scale users in a predictable way. Facebook and Instagram were good short term drivers of installs however couldn’t achieve scale. 

What was the plan?

We developed an initial test campaign with Plato using meme driven creatives and distributing through our influencer network on Snapchat. With our integration with Appsflyer, we were able to attribute installs given confidence to Plato for us to scale.


What was the result?

Over the course of 6 months, we activated weekly campaigns with constantly fresh creatives which were  distributed through our Snapchat and Instagram pages. Whether it was Spongebob themed creatives, our creative team worked closely with Plato to generate always on fresh ideas optimising for messaging that worked well in past campaigns.

Within 6 months, we took Plato’s DAU to 250,000 from 20,000 DAU with an average CPI of $0.75.

What did Head of Growth at Plato, Joe Wagner have to say?

How was Fanbytes’ creative different from the others?

It just really got our app. With everybody else that we worked with, creative was the last thing that they were thinking about. They were more focused on the impressions.

For us – coming from the background that we do with Yahoo Games and having spent two years on the development of this app before launching it – we want to make sure people are getting an accurate look at the app. So it’s been really great working with you guys.