How this chat fiction app outperformed Snapchat Ads by 3x  


What was the campaign goal?

Eavesdrop, Zimad’s fictional chat and story app, were looking for a new and refreshing way to engage with a 13-17 year old audience within the United States. Having suffered hefty CPIs on previous campaigning attempts on high profile platforms, such as Facebook, they approached Fanbytes in hopes that we could produce for them an advertising strategy that could effectively attract the target demographic while keeping costs to a minimum.

What was the campaign goal?

Understanding that the target demographic notably invested time in the Snapchat sphere specifically, we devised an ad campaign that would make use of relevant influencers so to distribute the Eavesdrop ad to an already engaged audience. We developed a range of ten second creatives that highlighted the intrigue surrounding the app, and sandwiched them between organic, promotional snaps to advertise Eavesdrop in a manner that didn’t alienate the audience with invasive ad strategies.The campaign was a great success, greatly reducing Zimad’s CPIs while maintaining a high level of quality user interaction for their app. Using Snapchat as an advertising platform, as opposed to other, high profile spaces such as Facebook, ensured a smaller campaign price tag and warranted Zimad to seek further work with us.

What they said?

“From creative to targeting, fanbytes understands how to market to snapchat users better than snapchat. I’m impressed by the results so far.”