Changing Perceptions Of Accounting Using An Intuitive Influencer Campaign 

The Client

ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the global body for professional accountants, offering business-relevant, first-choice qualifications to people of application, ability and ambition around the world who seek a rewarding career in accountancy, finance and management. 

ACCA wanted to find new and unexpected ways to get their brand out there through smarter use of social media and digital/ content to attract the next generation of ACCA members They were also concerned that accounting can be perceived by younger generations as dull, boring, elitist and exclusive.

Wanting to change this perception, they approached Fanbytes to come up with an intuitive multi-platform campaign that would be engaging for a young audience. 

The Challenge

The goal of the campaign was to confidently deliver a disruptive brand activation that bolsters relevance with Gen Z. The challenge was being able to create content that transcends traditional ad messages. What a lot of accountancy firms struggle with is finding the best ways to tell their story in an authentic way, at scale. Using more contemporary marketing practises was a new experience for ACCA and so the idea of leveraging influencers, Snapchat and TikTok to promote the brand was daunting. However, they were aware that they had to utilise Gen Z marketing strategies like these to strike a cord with the younger demographic if they were going to change perceptions and inspire. 

The Solution

Wanting to maximise both brand awareness and drive traffic to ACCA landing page, it was decided that both Snapchat and TikTok were going to be used for the campaign. Having run multiple campaigns on both platforms before, Fanbytes knew that a utilising both platforms would maximise reach and achieve both of the desired goals. 

1. Snapchat Activation

The first step was to run a Snapchat influencer campaign. Influencers were picked through our platform and using knowledge of who performed well on similar previous campaigns. 

These influencers then talked about the ACCA qualifications in their own words, explaining all organisations, including creative industries such as music, film and TV are in need of accountants.

This type of advert promotes organic engagement between the influencers and their fans, making it seem like a natural conversation.

This helped us achieve 232k views, 6k clicks and a 2.68& CTR.

2. Snapchat AR Lens

Using the same organic creative of influencers talking to their fans, we added an interactive AR lens to try and improve the engagement. To refine and optimise further we also used the best performing influencers from the first activation.

The lens allowed the user switch between two filters, one representing the image of the boring old-fashioned accountant of the past and the next one being a reflection of the digitally savvy accountant today’s employers need.

All of the influencers also mentioned how you would be exposed to the latest digital trends to match the futuristic feel of the second lens.

This helped us drive 221k views, 8k shares, and a 3.85% CTR.

3. TikTok Activation

To really show their audiences what life in an accountancy firm is like, the two TikTok influencers visited accountancy firms, Flinder and Peter Jarman. This gave the influencers a real experience of being an accountant for the day and enabled them to share with their fans how ACCA accountants are redefining the profession.

The content made by the influencers on the on the day included a livestream video, giving their fans a short introduction to ACCA on the way to the office. This was followed by 3 infeed posts:the influencer getting ready for the day and arriving at the office, a group video with members of the team doing a fun activity together and the influencer doing a sketch on pretending to be an accountant.

As a result, we garnered a whopping 890k views, 182k hearts and a 13.26% engagement rate!

The Results

The results were fantastic with both the Snapchat and TikTok elements performing well. 

The two Snapchat campaigns combined managed to deliver 453K, 15K clicks and an amazing CTR of 3.26%.

The TikTok activation was also very successful delivering 1M views, 182K hearts and over 1K comments. The videos also had a very high average engagement rate of 13.6%.

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