How keeping it organic led to 24k swipes and streams for Armada.

Music & Film


Armada Music wanted to drive Spotify streams for their hit song Body by Loud Luxury to a US audience. Although the song had taken off on YouTube, the key for this audience was having it also resonate on Snapchat with a young audience in an organic way.


We designed a first creative which described the song as the song of the summer. 

This creative was in keeping with the type of content that resonated with Snapchat seeming less like an ad and more like a friendly recommendation. 

We then distributed this through our network of owned and operated Snapchat channels with the ability to stream on Spotify.


The creative proved immensely popular, achieving over 2M views in less than 24 hours. The message that portrayed the song as 'the song of the summer' was effective in getting the audience to pay attention and follow through to the campaign destination. In the same short timespan of 24 hours, the campaign managed to get over 24K unique users to stream the song on Spotify.

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