How Fanbytes Promoted Astrid S’ Track ‘Trust Issues’ With A Text-Based Challenge

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Who is Astrid S?

Astrid S is a Norwegian popstar – signed to Universal Music Norway – who wanted to continue to grow her fanbase in the US, UK, and Scandanavia with the promotion of her brand new single, ‘Trust Issues’. Universal Music Norway approached us with the goal of creating a big impact on TikTok, achieving significant reach and encouraging engagement in the form of views, hearts, and comments.

What was the plan?

We created an engaging text style meme around the title and messaging of song that encouraged fans to get involved. Using the Fanbytes platform, we identified the influencers best fit to target males and females in the UK, Scandinavia and US aged 13-24. The influencers were chosen due to these demographic factors, but also most importantly, their current engagement rates across TikTok.

What was the result?

Based around a relatable text style challenge, this was a very successful campaign , achieving over 1.6 million views on the #trustissues hashtag. Our influencer’s content gained 305,000 hearts and 3500 comments with a fantastic engagement rate of 7.7%.


Over 700+ user generated videos were created using the song, showcasing that people really related to the issue of ‘trust issues’. Furthermore, the fact that influencers could also put their individual spin on this challenge made each piece of content appropriate for their individual audiences.


Our influencer, Kyran__, was chosen for the campaign because of his high engagement rates (as highlighted by our internal influencer platform). His content performed the best as his audience were more receptive and engaged to his content than the other influencers, with an incredible ER of 18.9%.