Driving a multi-platform campaign for Barry M


Total Swipes


What is the company?

Barry M, a well-loved make up brand, were looking to drive awareness about their new tinted lip gloss, ‘That’s Swell! XXL’ range through a combined Snapchat and TikTok campaign.

What were they trying to do and why was our brand perfect?

As Instagram and Snapchat become more saturated with paid advertising, Barry M wanted to drive awareness about their new range through organic advertising and a cross-platform approach.  

What was the plan?

We used our UK based fashion-oriented female influencers for this campaign so we could target the desired demographic. We split the the influencers across Snapchat and TikTok with two different campaigns. The Snapchat influencers used sandwich ads with a swipe-up prompt, whilst the TikTok influencers performed a Barry M inspired make up tutorial with the hashtag #thatsswellxxx

What was the result?

With a combined 363.3K views, 2668 swipe ups and 10,715 likes, the campaign was a success! Barry M were able to reach their audience across multiple platforms in ways that felt organic and non-intrusive to their audience.