BAUM Breaks Down Barriers with a TikTok Challenge

Hashtag Views


Influencer Video Views

Who is BAUM?

Singer BAUM was looking to create some hype around her new song ‘Fuckboy’, a song which tears down the stereotype of overly emotional women when it comes to their relationship with emotionally deficient men. Rather than going the conventional path of Instagram ads, they approached Fanbytes to help drive true engagement around this content. 

What was the plan?

In order to maximise engagement we decided to create a challenge based around sharing the worst text you’ve ever received on a piece of paper. This was staying in line with the overall message of the song and creating a fun challenge that people could get involved with easily.

What was the result?

The campaign exceeded all expectations exceeding views by 140% and over 250,000 views on the hashtag The audience of our audience really resonated with the audience with 35,000 hearts on the influencer videos. WMA were massively pleased with the results as Baum had now become a first part of the community.