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What is the company?

Warner were looking to make the new single ‘Everybody Wants You’ by one of their artists, Black Saint, go viral. They specifically wanted to target a younger audience and create content that would be interactive and engaging, we felt TikTok was the perfect place for this.

What was the plan?

We really wanted to maximise the interactivity of the campaign so we created the #cantbewithout hashtag and encouraged users to duet to videos our influencers had created. Duet is a feature on TikTok where a user can play the original video alongside their own inspired content.

What was the result?

The results after just a few days were absolutely astounding- the challenge went absolutely viral after the initial post appeared on the ‘For You’ page, much akin to the likes of the Instagram Discover page. After the end of the campaign, our influencers videos saw a total of 649.4K views- a 550% increase from what was guaranteed to Decca. Our influencer videos also saw a total of 93.4K hearts, showing that the campaign certainly was going down well with the target audience. 

The creative concept clearly resonated with the TikTok community, with nearly 3000 user generated videos created joining the chain and using AURORA’s track.

It was clear that the campaign was a massive success, and set the bar even higher our already top class TikTok campaigns.