Driving Boxing Day Traffic for Boohoo with Influencer Marketing

The problem

Boohoo, a well-loved online fashion brand, was looking for a way to drive more traffic to their site for their Boxing Day Sale. As Boxing Day is a huge shopping event in the UK, almost every online retailer would be competing for this traffic. Boohoo needed to do something unique to stand out from the crowd and hit the nail on the head with their 16-30 year old female audience in the UK.

What did we do?

In order for Boohoo to rise to the top in the Boxing Day frenzy, they needed to go about marketing the sales event in a different way than opting for other paid socials like Facebook and Instagram, or relying on the reach of their newsletter.


We came up with the solution of an organic influencer campaign, in which we would the best fit influencers for the job to spread the word of the sales. Organic influencer campaigns consist of the influencer simply talking about whatever they’re promoting, without a company branded creative sandwiched between their snaps.


This organic format fits in more seamlessly and consistently with the influencer’s usual content, and comes across as more of a personal recommendation than a sales pitch. For the campaign, we reached into our extensive influencer network to find UK based influencers with a primarily female audience to help market Boohoo’s Boxing Day sale.


Each of the selected influencers was given a script to follow so to make sure they ticked all of the boxes for the campaign.


Boohoo’s organic Boxing Day campaign was a great success. With only 8 influencers used, the campaign gained an amazing click-through rate of 3.7%, and our best performing influencer gaining a CTR of an astounding 8.9%. 8661 viewers swiped up on our influencers’ Snaps to have a look at the bargains that could be had.


Viewers in London were most keen to get a load of the deals, with the region gaining a CTR of 8.4% Thanks to the organic nature of the campaign, costs were kept low, with the average cost per click dropping to an astounding £0.34. An all round great deal for Boohoo’s customers and the brand itself! ‍


More traffic compared to YouTube ads & influencers





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