Helping Boohoo Drive Traffic To Their Site Through Snapchat.


Total Swipes

3x more
Traffic Compared to Youtube Ads

What is the company?

Fast fashion retailer Boohoo approached Fanbytes with the aim of driving traffic to their website and promoting their 20% off Boxing Day offer.

What was the plan?

Using our inhouse influencer tool, we invited influencers on Snapchat and Instagram who had already spoken about Boohoo and competing products as that was evidence of them having an audience who cared about fast fashion. These influencers organically spoke about the discount code as if letting their audience on a secret.

What was the result?

The mixture of strong brand affinity and engaging call to action led to an 8.7% CTR and over 10,000 swiping up to check out the offer. Boohoo saw a 3x increase in traffic from our activity compared to their YouTube ads.