Helping Boohoo Drive Traffic To Their Site Through Snapchat.


Total Swipes

3x more
Traffic Compared to Youtube Ads

What is the company?

Boohoo, a well-loved online fashion brand, was looking for a way to drive more traffic to their site for their Boxing Day Sale.

What were they trying to do and why was our brand perfect?

As Boxing Day is such an enormous shopping event in the UK, a large number of brands compete for the expected traffic. Therefore Boohoo needed to do something unique that targeted their 16-30 female demographic and felt Snapchat was the perfect place to go.  

What was the plan?

We used our UK based fashion-oriented female influencers for this campaign so we could target the desired demographic. Our influencers then organically spoke about the brand and encouraged users to go ahead and check out the sale themselves. This produced a natural, non-pushy campaign that the viewers could actually relate to.

What was the result?

With a CTR of 3.9% and 8661 total swipes the campaign was a success! Combined with an overall CPC of only £0.34, Boohoo were able to highly target the correct demographic and in a much cheaper way than more intrusive ads.