Fanbytes x Candy Crush

Increase In ROAS

Increase In CTR

What was the problem?

King approached Fanbytes to create special engaging creatives which they could use on their social media. Having always used gameplay ads on Instagram and Snapchat, they were looking for new and fresh creatives which resonated with their audience.

What was the plan?

Realising that TikTok was the perfect platform for expressing this creativity, we invited our TikTok influencers to create organic content of them playing Candy Crush showing how addictive it was. Whether it was dogs, comedians or magicians, the creators developed ideas in their own format resulting in a wide range of content for King to pick and use from their social.

What was the result?

The organic human approach worked exceptionally well for King with our creatives providing a 38% increase in ROAS compared to their other gameplay ads on Snapchat and Instagram and 64% increase in CTR. Due to the wide range of content, King were able to test and scale the best performing content across other socials with this becoming an always on channel for the brand.

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