Generating Fan Engagement for Charli XCX with Snapchat Gamification

What was the brief?

Warner wanted to amplify the attraction that Charli XCX’s single ‘Boys’ was gaining especially on social media. So were looking to create a Snapchat campaign that would drive more traffic to the YouTube video and increase engagement with the song.

Completion Rate



What was the plan?

We created engaging branded content around the music video preview, with a ‘Would You Rather?’ game, using our Snapchat Roulette format. ‍ We played a video which rapidly ran through different male celebrities from the song’s video, asking users to take a screenshot to find out “who they would take on a date”.

What was the result?

The campaign received fantastic engagement as many users screenshot the content to determine who their ‘date‘ would be and drove 100,000s of users to the music video on YouTube.