How Charlotte Tilbury got more than 50,000 sign-ups in 3 days

Beauty & Fashion

What was the campaign goal?

Looking to drive email sign-ups from the Millennial and Gen Z demographics within the United States, Charlotte Tilbury, a mogul of the makeup and beauty industry, approached Fanbytes for an informed and effective solution. In order to simultaneously push awareness for her GloMo lipstick range and gather relevant customer email addresses, we needed to combine practiced advertisement techniques with the signature Fanbytes methodology so to produce an outcome that felt natural and approachable, and forwent generally unfruitful formats such as invasive Facebook ads.

What did we do?

Recognising that a successful ad engages the viewer and presents itself in a way that feels organic, we devised a compelling Sandwich ad which enlisted Snapchat influencers in the beauty vertical so to establish a strong and sensible connection with the target audience. On screen directives prompted viewers to screenshot a snapcode that would lead to a landing page. Here, the viewers would be offered to chance to win GloMo cosmetics in exchange for an email address, solving the campaign goal in a way that felt natural and mutually beneficial to the audience.

Key KPIs

The campaign proved highly successful in that it encouraged almost every screenshotting user to complete the sign-up process, and, as a result, Charlotte Tilbury’s mailing list gained almost 52,000 new email addresses. The campaign sung the merits of the sandwich ad format and Fanbytes' ability to identify fitting and effective advertising methods for specific briefs.

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Email Sign Ups

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