How Fanbytes Created One Of The World’s Biggest Online Conga Lines With Circa Waves

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Who are Circa Waves?

Circa Waves are a UK-based indie band. Their label came to us to help their new single ‘Jacqueline’ go viral on TikTok. The goals of the campaign was to drive awareness, but also to create meaningful engagement in the form of user generated content (UGC).

What was the plan?

A creative centred around a conga line in which influencers seed out a duet chain and encourage users to join to make the chain as big as possible. Using the Fanbytes platform, we identified influencers best suited to targeting males and females in the UK & US aged 13-25. The hashtag #CongaChallenge was used to tie all the videos together and encourage others to get involved.


What was the result?

The results were incredible, and with the help of fans and influencers we created (potentially) the biggest ever conga line on social media. #CongaChallenge quickly rose to over 1.8 million total views with more than 225,000 hearts. It was clear that users on the platform really resonated with the creative too, as we generated over 3000 user generated pieces of content


This campaign has proven that new and interesting challenges that utilise TikTok’s unique capabilities can be a huge hit on the platform. The opportunity to be an integral part of something meaningful – in this instance, the world’s biggest social media conga line – really resonated with the TikTok community and gave a huge boost to the expected amount of user generated content.