Lassoing love for Colt Ford’s new release ‘We The People’

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Who is Colt Ford?

Colt Ford, a country rap fusion act based in the US, was looking to capitalise on TikTok after the success on the platform of songs such as ‘Old Town Road’ and ‘The Git Up’. His song ‘We the People’ fitted with the genres of these songs and he wanted take his release viral. Unsure of how to access the Gen Z audience and having not used TikTok he approached Fanbytes for a solution. 

What was the plan?

After hearing the song it was decided to encompass the the fun upbeat mood, which naturally lent itself to a comedy based challenge. The theme of the campaign also needed to be related to the genre to really capitalised on the popularity of country on TikTok.

After some brainstorming, the decision was made to do a lasso/cowboy based challenge, which at the time was popular on the platform as well as keeping in line with the genre. Wanting to maximise the amount of people getting involved in the challenge to push virality, an element of getting your friends together, or ‘lassoing’ them into the video was to be incorporated. 

This was then seeded to the platform series of influencers using a variety of TikTok native features such as transitions and effects to create the engaging videos which you can see below.  

What was the result?

The results were good with the challenge seeing over 1.2M views on the hashtag, with our influencers getting a total combined views of 220K, 46K hearts and 92 people creating videos around the song.