How Trivia Games App DareIt! Reached 20,000+ Teens with a CPI of $0.40



DareIt! was interested in reaching their target audience in a cost-effective way. As a truth or dare based party app, they knew Snapchat was the right place to find their audience but needed help with the creative and most relevant influencers to attain a profitable CPI.


We proposed a solution, use social publishers as the influencer, who have engaged communities of followers. Using our platform and analytics tools we can identify the best pages for similar party games and target their ideal audience to convert the best quality traffic for their app. We distributed a 2-snap format creative: An organic priming snap followed by a simple 10 second creative that showed the fun, daring features of the app.


The results were impressive. Their first campaign delivered an incredibly strong CPI of $0.41. Upon seeing these strong results and the conversion rates in-app of their first campaign, DareIt! immediately doubled their spend with a followup campaign. We proved that we could acquire profitable users, as not only were the CPI's attractive but the users we delivered were high quality traffic from their target audience who were genuinely engaged with the game.

Average CPI
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