How Trivia Games App DareI! Reached 20,000+ Teens with a CPI of $0.32


What was the campaign goal?

DareIt! was interested in reaching their target audience, the student demographic across the US, in a cost-effective way. As a truth or dare party app, DareIt! knew they could pinpoint their focused demographic with Snapchat as an advertising platform, but just needed a helping hand with an impacting creative and effective means to distribute it. They came to Fanbytes with these requests in mind, and entrusted us with the task of producing a campaign that would spread further awareness of their app while lowering their current CPI.

What did we do?

The solution was simple: relevant social publishers already had the desired audience hooked on their content, so all we needed to do was cater a creative to the target demographic and distribute it via these high profile influencer pages. A 2-snap format ad was developed which abided to the organic nature of the influencer’s posts and paired itself with a 10 second creative which demonstrated the worth of the app and all its fun party features.


The results were impressive. The first campaign delivered an incredibly strong CPI of $0.41, and, upon seeing these results and the accompanying, in-app conversion rates, DareIt! immediately doubled their spend with a followup campaign. Our distributing tactics proved fruitful, as well, with the campaign attracting high quality traffic to the app based on intuitive handpicking of specific influencers.

Average CPI
Average CTR
Increase in Budget for second Campaign

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