How Debut’s graduation themed content got them an 11.1% CTR


What was the campaign goal?

Debut, a student-focused graduate recruitment app, wanted to drive downloads from an 18-21year old UK audience. Although their Facebook & Instagram performance was strong, Snapchat Ads were not performing as well and they needed a way to reach that audience at scale.

What did we do?

We used our bespoke Sandwich Ad format and distributed it among influencers with a large following of university students.

The influencers spoke about their graduation experiences looking for their first job then prompting their followers to go and download Debut.

The creative used in this campaign was also millennial-focused using scenes from the opening credits of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song as well as Missy Elliot’s “Work It” soundtrack.


The organic nature of the campaign, coupled with the millennial focus of the campaign resulted in impressive results clocking 11.1% CTR and a remarkable 0.26 CPC. 

The resulting CPI outperformed the CPI gained from Snapchat Ads and was on par with the results on Facebook and Instagram Ads resulting in Debut scaling up with Fanbytes.

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