Tapping into the Graduate Market using Snapchat Influencers

Who are Debut?

Debut, a student-focused recruitment app, were hoping to becoming the go-to location for 17-21 year old jobseekers. Their various campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram performed well and were hoping to emulate that success on Snapchat although their preliminary attempts had proven comparatively unsuccessful.




What was the plan?

We pinpointed influencers with a strong student following asked them to host a sandwich ad that combined their graduation experiences with sentiments promoting the Debut app, which alongside some well-known tracks such as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air created a well-informed and relatable campaign.

What was the result?

By creating a campaign that prioritised the demographic we managed to get an amazing 11.1% CTR and with a CPC of only £0.26. Overall producing an ad that far outperformed any of their previous Snapchat campaigns.