How Debut’s graduation themed content got them an 11.1% CTR


What was the campaign goal?

In the challenging and confusing world of graduate job-seeking, Debut, a student-focused recruitment app, looked to become a beacon of promise for 17-21 year old hopeful jobseekers across the UK. Prior to approaching Fanbytes, their various campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram were performing well, and our help was enlisted in the hope that they could emulate this success on Snapchat, a valuable advertising platform whose results had proven comparatively unsuccessful..

What did we do?

Needing a way to efficiently target the relevant audience in bulk, we pinpointed a handful of influencers with a strong student following and asked them to host a sandwich ad that combined respective graduation experiences with sentiments promoting the Debut app, resulting in a campaign that felt well-informed and reliable. Relying on familiar icons, such as Missy Elliott and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, we solidified the campaign as something that felt relatable and comfortable to the student demographic.


Our efforts paid off, developing a campaign that took the target demographic by storm and generated a formidable 11.1% CTR. Also of note was the cost efficient nature of the ad, which created a great deal of buzz at a respectable CPC of only £0.26. The resulting CPI far outperformed that of Debut’s previous Snapchat campaigns and matched up to those on accompanying platforms.




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