How organic influencers helped send over 70,000 clicks to site

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What was the campaign goal?

Deezer - the global streaming app - wanted to drive signups to their site through an Ed Sheeran competition. Having experimented with SnapAds and getting low completion rates, they were looking for a solution which helped secure signups at scale whilst improving engagement.

What did we do?

We created two campaigns for each location and targeted users that fell firmly within the demographic of Ed Sheeran's fans. These influencers hyped up the opportunity to meet Ed Sheeran and drove a strong call to action, directing users to a sign up link to Deezer, from which they could sign up for the competition.


The campaign became the most successful campaign that Deezer had run on Snapchat to date. It received over 1 million views and most importantly a record-breaking 7.7% CTR. The competiton was soon flooded with entries when tends of thousands of users signed on. It is as a result of this campaign that Deezer became a long-lasting client of ours, going on to undertake a number of other successful campaigns.


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