Starting a download frenzy for Deezer

What was the campaign goal?

Looking to increase downloads in a native way, the Deezer app approached Fanbytes in the hope that we could decipher some way to engage with a 13-17 year old demographic within the UK. Relying on our understanding of the Gen Z audience, they enlisted us in producing a campaign that would raise awareness for the Deezer brand and generate high conversion rates in a way that didn’t feel like advertising. 

What did we do?

We distributed three different, Snapchat centric campaigns with high energy promos that relied on a A/B/C formula: 

– One featuring the established artist Charlie Puth

– One featuring the emerging artist Sofia Reyes (featured Ad) 

– One consisting of an exclusive Fanbytes curated playlist available on the Deezer platform


The total view count of nearly 1 million and an average 93.4% completion rate across the three different ad campaigns showed high energy proms and a strong CTA is key 




AVG. Completion Rate


Unique views



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