How Deezer Won Snapchat Through AR + Snapchat Influencers

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What was the campaign goal?

One of the main features which distinguishes Deezer from its competitors is Deezer Flow, an innovation which generates personalised music playlists depending on the users individual tastes and listening habits. They aimed to solidify understanding of what Deezer Flow actually did, particularly amongst a 13-17 year old UK demographic, and in a way which was inspiring and drove user-generated content.

What did we do?

We wanted to emphasise this unique feature with an equally unique ad format, and settled on Snapchat’s newly released AR format to drive home an ad purpose built for virality: we created a 3D boombox which bounced in time to any music Snapchat users choose to play. The lens encouraged the audience to create their own snaps and, as a result, become ambassadors of the Deezer Flow function in a which which felt fun and informative on their part.

Notable Results

Fanbytes shared the boombox less than 20 times, and the ad went viral: 11,443 other people shared the boombox, over 46,000 people scanned it, and over a million people saw the boombox. Our Snapchat channels also got sent more than 3,000 videos of the lens, submitted by our followers.

By creating a PR-worthy piece of advertising, Deezer were able to reach not only one million members of Gen Z, but the audience of numerous blogs and publications.

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