Consolidating Deezer’s Uniqueness in the Competitive Streaming Market with AR


Scans of Lense


What is the company?

Deezer were looking to drive more subscribers to their music streaming app, and were competing with some big names in the industry like Spotify and Apple Music. Looking to stand out from their competitors they approached Fanbytes to create them a series of bespoke lens.

What was the plan?

After noting that one of Deezer’s key differentiators was Flow – a feature that personalised music according to your taste we create the world’s first AR lens boombox which danced according to the music in the background. We then distributed this through our network of influencers asking fans to use the boombox in their own way.

What was the result?

The campaign resonated immensely with the audience resulting in over 41,000 scans & 1 million views on the lens as well as coverage in Campaign Magazine.