Consolidating Deezer’s Uniqueness in the Competitive Streaming Market with AR


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What is the company?

Deezer, the music streaming app, wanted to show what differentiates it from its competitors. They wanted to drive 13-17 year old users to their platform by promoting their unique features that consumers may not have been aware of and make the streaming service feel personal to the user.

The plan for their first campaign was to do this by highlighting their ‘Flow’ feature which creates unique playlists for users based on their tastes and listening habits. For their second campaign they wanted to drive this idea of personalisation ever further and focus on the emotional aspect that music brings.

What was the plan?

We decided a Snapchat AR campaign would be the way to go with its high level of interactivity and would allow us to create a bouncing 3D boombox to really highlight the ‘Flow’ feature. We then shared the lens across our channels encouraging users to scan the code to unlock the lens then share that content with their friends. Our second campaign had a similar sharing pattern but the “What’s Your Song” lens allowed the user to change the lens (and therefore the song) based on their mood and share organic content.

What was the result?

Because of the high shareability of lenses and the content made with them, AR campaigns are amazing at nurturing organic growth. So much so that both lenses went viral and “The What’s Your Song?” lens received over 1.24 million views, 147k scans and 40k users had created and shared their own content using the lens. The lens also became the second most popular amongst Snapchat’s Community Lenses for that week!