How Fanbytes inspired Gen Z to choose Deezer as their go to music service



Completion Rate

Who are Deezer?

Deezer is one of the world’s largest music streaming services, with over 53 million licensed tracks. The cornerstone of its service is Deezer Flow, a track selection algorithm which provides users with a personalised listening experience.

Despite its enormous library of music and impressive proprietary technology, Deezer has found it difficult to attract the attention of Generation Z in such a crowded marketplace, dominated by established giants such as Spotify and Apple Music. 

Deezer wanted to drive streams, but they were also faced with the challenge of growing across multiple different channels, driving app installs, and acquiring paying subscribers – all in a way that brought out the best in the brand, and made it appealing to the youngest section of their audience.

What was the plan?

One of Deezer’s biggest challenges is driving music streams in a highly competitive market. To music streaming services, Generation Z not only represents an important market now, but they also have the potential to become a loyal user base for years to come. 

To establish itself against the music streaming giants, Apple and Spotify, Deezer needed to inspire as many people as possible to use their service.

Fanbytes and Deezer partnered with Ed Sheeran. We ran a competition to see Ed perform live, which we distributed via our Snapchat influencer network. To enter, you had to sign-up and listen to Ed Sheeran’s music on Deezer. 

What was the result?

The campaign was a resounding success with 78,110 swipe ups to the competition which shattered the entries KPI of 20,000. The campaign had a 94.9% completion rate with over 1.36 million views which is a strong testament to how engaging the content was.

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