Driving Fantastic Engagement Through The World's First 3 in 1 Lens


Scans of Lense


What is the company?

Deezer were looking to drive more subscribers to their music streaming app, and were competing with some big names in the industry like Spotify and Apple Music. Looking to stand out from their competitors they approached Fanbytes to create them a series of bespoke lens.

What was the plan?

Realising that key to this was driving noise, we created the world’s first 3 in 1 lens which when cycled through 3 different vibes – a happy vibe, a lit vibe and a chill vibe. This fit into the Deezer ethos of being your playlist to any mood. We then distributed this lens through key Snapchat influencers prompting people to swipe up and unlock the lens and share their vibes.

What was the result?

The lens caught fire immediately on Snapchat with over 147,000 scanning the lens recording a utilisation rate of 10% – 3x higher than the normal Snapchat rate of 3%.  Most impressively it became the number 2 most popular lens on whole of Snapchat which spoke to how much fans enjoyed playing with the lens.