Cooking Up New Sign-Ups for Deliveroo with Influencer Marketing

What was the campaign goal?

Online food delivery service, Deliveroo, was looking to get more signups for their platform. Deliveroo was already a very well established brand, but needed a boost to further consolidate brand awareness and establish their place as the go-to delivery app over their competitors within the UK.

The brand was looking to target the 18-25 year old, UK audience; and knew that the best way to get this age group ordering food using their platform was a series of weekly 2-4-1 deals for 4 different cuisines: Italian, American, Curry, and Pan-Asian. However, Deliveroo needed to get the word out about these deals amongst their target audience on a platform that would appeal to them the most.

What did we do?

In order to appeal to the 18-25 crowd in a relatable and organic way, the best solution was to put together an influencer campaign. Each different cuisine would be promoted by different influencers every week, as to create as much engagement with as wide a group of people as possible. The first step to creating the campaign was designing a motion graphics promo to be sandwiched within the selected influencers’ content.


Our in-house design team collaborated with the Deliveroo team to craft the perfect motion graphics ad for each cuisine in the set of deals.


Once the promo was designed, we reached into our influencer network to find the best for the job based on their audiences, interests and profiles. Influencer has to have a large millennial UK audience in order to be selected, in order for the campaign to reach as much of the target audience as possible.


The selected influencers were then sent a script and the promo to distribute within their stories to encourage their viewers to swipe up and order using the deal.The Deliveroo promo was seamlessly integrated into each influencer’s regular flow of content, by using pre-rolls and post-rolls. Because the promotional content fits in organically, it seems more like a personal recommendation than a sales pitch, making the campaign way more engaging and appealing.


Thanks to the power of influencer marketing, each of the weekly promotions worked extremely well at achieving Deliveroo’s goal of wider brand engagement and more sign ups. Each of the cuisines performed way above average, generating some amazing stats.


Collectively, the campaigns gained 1.4 million views, 35.9K swipe-ups to claim the deal, and an average CTR of 2.65%.


The best performing campaign was the American food deal, gaining a mouthwatering 4.4% CTR, £0.76 CPC, 300K+ views, and 13K+ swipe ups to get their hands on some US grub.

All of the 17 influencers recruited for the campaign created brilliant content, with one influencer gaining her highest ever CTR for the campaign, and another generating an amazing CTR of 9.4%!








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