Sending ‘Instagram’ Viral On TikTok



User Generated

What was the idea?

Sony Music were looking to make a global impact for Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, David Guetta, Daddy Yankee, Afro Bros & Natti Natasha new release ‘Instagram’. Having already achieved viral success on Instagram after Gianluca Vacchi used it in one of his posts, Sony wanted to capitalised off this traction and were looking to reach a new audience worldwide. They approached Fanbytes to come up with a plan to really push the virality in a new direction.

What was the plan?

Having run over 120 campaigns on the platform before, Fanbytes knew that TikTok would be the perfect platform to reach a new very engaged audience.

The team at Sony decided that they wanted to use Gianlucca’s post as inspiration as for a challenge as it included a dance and performed particularly well on Instagram. The dance itself was simple enough dance for people to mimic but wasn’t really suited to the platform. To allow the dance to seem more natural, Fanbytes in house creative team decided it would be best to get influencers to put their own spin on it. This allowed influencers to make their videos more suited to the content they usual post to their fans would be as make sure engaged as possible. 

Influencers were activated in Brazil, US, Mexico, Spain, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. Activating in this many locations really maximised the reach and pushed the user generated content.

What was the result?

The results were great with the selected influencers getting 2.3M views and the dance going viral on the platform. Over 5K people got involved with the challenge with some doing hilarious interpretations of the dance showing that allowing people to put their own comedy creative spin on it encouraged more people to get involved. The song has also now been used in over 40K videos on TikTok.