Helping Ella Eyre Grow Her Presence On TikTok

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Who is Ella Eyre?

Ella Eyre, a UK based singer songwriter, was looking to raise awareness for her new single ‘Mama’. Already having a well established fan based she was looking to reach a new audience in the UK but was unsure how. She was also looking to grow her own profile on the platform.

What was the plan?

Not knowing how to make an impact on the the platform as well as grow her account, her label Universal Music, approached Fanbytes.

After some brainstorming the team decided that the creative would be a dance challenge based around the lyric ‘tellin’ your mama’. The dance would be done with the person’s mum or an inspirational female figure in their life. Knowing from experience Fanbytes knew this creative would work perfectly due it being something that is easy to get involved with and it having a positive message which are key things that are needed for a successful challenge.

The dance was then seeded to the platform by influencers making sure they included a clear call to action, ie ‘show me yours’ or ‘now your turn’ to really make their fans want to get involved.

To grow her profile the influencers tagged Ella’s profile in the description and said ‘make sure you follow her’.

What was the result?

The results for this campaign were outstanding with the hashtag hitting 4.5M views and getting nearly 600K hearts. Ella’s profile also grew from 0 to 4.5K followers over the campaign.

The creative concept clearly resonated with the TikTok community, with nearly over 6K user generated videos using the track.

It was clear that the campaign was a massive success, and set the bar even higher our already top class TikTok campaigns.