Hyping up Bruno Mars’ ‘Wake Up in the Sky’ with AR

The Problem

Atlantic Records were looking to create a huge buzz around Bruno Mars, Gucci Mane and Kodak Black’s new single ‘Wake Up in The Sky.’ They knew that creating an engaging campaign would work better for reaching out to their US target audience. It was decided a Snapchat AR lens would be ideal to achieve this. 

What did we do?

Our team created the ‘Wake Up in the Sky’ lens which activated when aimed at the sky. When unlocked, the lens played the song in the background and showed the artists dancing to the song.

We then distributed the ‘Wake Up in the Sky’ lens using our owned and operated Snapchat channels which entertain over a million daily viewers. Each of our channels fits a different theme, such as couples, makeup tutorials and memes, meaning that we can distribute content on different channels based on the target audience. 

For the lens, we created an organic promo showing the lens in action which would encourage our viewers to swipe up to unlock the lens. 

We kept the promotion stripped back, so that it seemed more like a recommendation from a friend than a sales pitch, and so that it would fit naturally into the usual flow of content on Snapchat. 

We also encouraged our viewers to send in videos of themselves using the lens. AR are great for encouraging organic momentum as they allow users to create their own videos and pictures with it, which can then be shared on their stories and sent directly to their friends followers. 

The Result

The campaign was a smash hit! The results that were seen absolutely exceeded Atlantic’s expectations, with the lens gaining 2.4million views, over 34k scans and 23k shares. Thanks to our highly targeted distribution, over 80% of views were from users that fit Atlantic’s target audience for the campaign. Our campaign really gave ‘Wake Up in the Sky’ the extra boost it needed to skyrocket even further into the Billboard Hot 100.