Closing in on More Streams for Steve Void's 'Closure'

The Problem

Universal Music were looking to boost streams for their artist Steve Void’s new release ‘Closure.’ UMG wanted to get Steve Void out there in from of a 16+ fitness audience, however, were looking for a way around the high costs and oversaturation of other paid socials. The label was familiar with Snapchat's native marketing platform, Snap Ads, but felt that Fanbytes’ advert-tainment concept would better maintain their Gen Z audience engagement.

What We Did

We came up with the solution of a Fanbytes sandwich ad for Steve Void. Our sandwich ads fit more discreetly into the ebb and flow of regular Snapchat content consumption. By consequence, Universal was avoiding the substantial costs attached to adage on other paid social. The campaign intended to reverse the conventions of musical adverts towards an emotionally powering user experience that produced both welcoming and warming effects.

The ad was to be distributed using our extensive network of influencers, which we select on a campaign to campaign basis. Influencers' suitability is weighed up based off their core audiences, profile and interests, so that the right ads hit the right people. Influencers record a pre-roll and a post-roll, within which a dynamic creative is inserted- this allows the ad to fit into the flow of Snapchat.

A lot of our focus was creating an aesthetic that truly mirrored and induced the emotional sentiment of the song. We realised that by creating visuals and using influencers that brought out the message of the song; that of positivity and forward-thinking in the New Year, the Ad would gain sticking power. We used bright colours and explosive designs to complement the drop of the song, choosing the theme of fruit to inspire happy and light-hearted emotions. We decided against utilising pop references, memes and GIFs so as to not complicate the song’s message and feeling associated with it to leverage its addictive quality.

The result was a Sandwich Ad that made you want to watch again due to its satisfying use of exploding fruit. Bold and animated captioned lyrics sparked emotional response to be reanimated by the influencers’ description of their own relatable take-away from the song. Using influencers talking about this helped ensure the ad’s harmony with the user consumption stream. This made the ad an engagement rather than a promotional tool that the young audience could connect with.

The Result

The Steve Void ‘Closure’ campaign for Universal Music hadvery good results. With just 4 influencers, the expected view count on theYouTube video was surpassed by double the amount and their was a high click-through rate of 2.60%. It had its intended effect of boosting views and creating a lasting connection for new viewers with Steve Void and his music.


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