Cultivating a Fan Community for Denis Coleman with a TikTok Challenge


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The problem

First Light Management, an artist management company, was looking to grow their artist Denis Coleman’s fanbase, and create buzz around his new single ‘Imperfect.’ Knowing that other platforms like Instagram and Facebook were oversaturated and difficult for a new artist to breakthrough on- First Light were looking for an effective alternative. 

What did we do?

The best solution for Denis Coleman to engage with a wider audience was to create a bespoke TikTok challenge based around his single ‘Imperfect.’ 

TikTok challenges are one of the main ways in which music can be promoted in a highly engaging way on the platform- as they encourage users to participate with their own takes on the challenge. 

After rigorous creative ideation, we came up with the #PerfectlyImperfect challenge- based around the song’s themes of self-love and being perfect because of your flaws.


The challenge saw TikTokkers starting the video as an over the top, superficial version of themselves- but as the video progresses, they become more stripped back to bare all of their perfectly imperfect self.


This was all tied together with the #PerfectlyImperfect hashtag- which made sure that all of the videos were linked back to Denis and the challenge.


The campaign was clearly a hit! Thanks to the relatable themes and a super inclusive campaign concept, the challenge resulted in huge user engagement, with over 1.4K people creating videos using the track.

What’s more, over 3million people viewed videos with the #perfectlyimperfect hashtag, and over 907K people viewed our influencers’ videos. The TikTok community absolutely loved it, giving our influencers videos over 180K hearts. 

This was clearly a huge success in reaching a new audience for Denis Coleman.