Creating an Emotional Connection for Freya Ridings with Organic Content

The Problem

Good Soldier were looking to generate more buzz and streams around their artist Freya Ridings and her single ‘Lost Without You.’ The label was familiar with Snapchat’s native marketing platform, Snap Ads, but didn’t like how invasive it was on the user’s experience. Good Soldier wanted to make their campaign fit in with the usual flow of content that the viewer would see whilst using Snapchat, much like Facebook and Instagram ads, but without the often hefty costs of other paid socials. The campaign needed to do something different from the norm of music marketing, and really play on the deeply emotional nature of the song in a super organic and relatable way.
“The way that Fanbytes presents content is totally different from the way that a music marketer would do it. Music marketers want to make everything really obvious, they would want to put the artist’s face front and center, and make sure the logo and the song and all of that is in there.”

Mark Butler
Digital Marketing, Good Soldier

What did we do?

Understanding how Freya Ridings can appeal to our audiences was key. After defining a brief with Good Soldier, initial creative meetings helped to establish the correct audience interests, cultural touch points and appropriate memes to leverage for the content that would fit the song.

The result was a super organic pre roll and post roll created using Snapchat’s native tools; such as animated gifs and fonts. By using native features, the campaign blends seamlessly into the usual flow of content that user’s would expect to see on Snapchat. By making the campaign as organic as possible, the promotion of the song comes across as more of a personal recommendation than a sales pitch, making it more engaging to the target audiences.

The campaign was distributed on our Snapchat channel network, which entertains over 1million daily viewers and covers a range of genres from beauty to comedy. The promotional content was inserted comfortably within the usual content that is broadcast on the channels such as memes and tutorials.

The Result

The organic ‘Song of the Day’ campaign was a hit for Good Soldier and Freya Ridings. The campaign had its intended effect of boosting streams and establishing a brand identity around Freya and her music; with the campaign being viewed 1.3 million times, and the 12.5K users swiping up to stream the song. What’s more, costs were kept low at an amazing £0.03.




Swipe Ups