Getting great results for Gummibär through a viral dance challenge

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What is Gummibär?

Gummibär is a multilingual digital fictional character that grew to fame in the late 2000’s with a string of releases around the world. With the first record being released in 2007, the team behind Gummibär were looking for a new lease of life and were looking to reach a new audience of young people for the 2019 single ‘I Am Bear’.  

What was the plan?

Radikal Records, the label behind Gummibär, approached Fanbytes looking for an intuitive campaign which would be able to reach their demographic. Having run several campaigns on TikTok, Fanbytes identified this as the best platform to use as one of the main age groups is 13-18 as well as the ‘off the wall’ nature of the native content matching the song.

As the song has very simple lyrics so it was decided the best way to maximise engagement would be to create a dance challenge. To make the dance as suitable as possible for the platform it was decided that it should be created by the influencers who were going to be performing it. After some brainstorming one of the influencers came up with a dance that worked perfectly with the song and was simple enough to be copied by fans. It was then seeded to the platform by the creator with other influencers then copying him and tagging him in the description to make it look as organic as possible. 

What was the result?

The results were astounding with the challenge really engaging the community. The hashtag now has over 2M views and the song has been used on over 900 videos.

The creative concept clearly resonated with the TikTok community as the influencers got over 100K hearts as well.

Overall great results for the campaign which presented Gummibär to a new audience.