Sending Half Alive viral with a comical dance challenge on TikTok. #stillfeel

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1.8m Views on #stillfeel

Who are Half Alive?

Half Alive, a California based band were looking to make an impact on TikTok with their new record ‘Still Feel’ as well as growing their profile on the platform. Artist development platform mTheory who have worked with us on several TikTok campaigns, reached out looking for us work with them to come up with an idea.

What was the plan?

In the music video for ‘Still Feel’ there is a complicated dance sequence involving several dancers creating contorting hypnotic shapes with their bodies. After some creative brainstorming, we came up with the idea for the influencers to mimic the dance in the most comical way they could think of. This included some of them pretending to fight as well as some just doing the dance really badly. 

Half Alive uploaded the original video to their own profile so that the influencers could duet with their video, this meant that traffic would be linked back to their profile if fans wanted to join in.

What was the result?

The results were fantastic with the hashtag reaching 1.8m views, the influencers individual views totalling 1.2m views and totalling 231k hearts on their videos. Half Alive’s followers also went up to over a 1000 during the duration of the campaign.

It was clear that the concept had resonated with the TikTok community and that the campaign had been successful.