Keeping up with Competitors and Generating Sign Ups with Influencers







Reduction in Cost

The Problem

Hayu, the TV streaming platform, wanted a killer campaign to get more people to subscribe to their service, as well as consolidate brand recognition. Although an already well recognised brand, Hayu needed that extra boost that would set them apart from their competitors. The brand was looking to target an 18-25 year old in the UK, Canada and Australia, and knew that using a platform that was familiar to this age group would be the best way to reach the millennial audience. Hayu knew they would have to play on their uniqueness to truly stand out from the crowd; like shows you can watch only on their platform.

What did we do?

In order to best appeal to the 18-25 year old audience on Snapchat, Hayu opted for an influencer campaign, which would feature clips from Keeping Up With The Kardashians, as the show was about to enter a new season, and is exclusively available on their platform in the UK, Canada and Australia. 

The first step to creating the campaign was designing a promo to be sandwiched within influencer content. Hayu picked out the most appealing clips from the upcoming season that would make viewers keen to watch the show. Our inhouse design team then optimised the clips for Snapchat’s vertical format. 

Once the promo was designed, we reached into our influencer network to find the best for the job based on their audiences, interests and profiles. In order to be invited the campaign, each influencer had to have a large millennial following in either the UK, Canada or Australia, that’s interested in reality TV.


All of the 15 international influencers on boarded onto the campaign created brilliant content, with some influencers generating CTRs as high as 11.5%. 

Hayu were aiming to get 350 signups as a result of the campaign; but the campaign exceeded their expectations, gaining a total of 900 signups. This means that we reduced their cost per signup by a whopping 63%!

Collectively, the campaigns gained 461.8K views, 18.2K swipe ups to sign up and an average CTR of 3.95%. The best performing campaign was the Khloe trailer, gaining an average 8.11% CTR and a CPC of £0.57.