Keeping up with Competitors and Generating Sign Ups with Influencers



Sign Ups

Who is AURORA?

Hayu, the TV streaming platform, were looking for a predictably new channel to drive subscriptions from an 18-25 year old to their service. Although Facebook was driving results they needed a partner who could scale customer acquisition.

What was the plan?

As the audience was a relatively young audience, we chose Keeping up with the Kardiashans as the leading show and invited influencers with a high affinity to Kardiashans to be part of the campaign. These influencers filmed reaction videos to seeing a trailer of the upcoming episode and hyped it up to fans to swipe up and watch.

What was the result?

The combination of authentic influencers and the “reaction style format led to incredible results with 900 signups which surpassed targets by 300%. For longevity, users from the campaign had a 63% higher LTV.  We’ve since scaled as Hayu’s preferred influencer partner activating campaigns in Australia, Canada, Philippines and Hong Kong.

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