How a Dating App Reached Thousands of Female Users on Snapchat

What was the campaign goal?

Hily, an up and coming general dating app, approached us having already achieved a relatively impressive scale of users. Their core problem now was lowering UA costs for female users in a target audience of 18-25 year olds in the United States. They theorised that Snapchat could be the right place to target this user base with over 70% of the Snapchat audience being female, but did not know how to approach this platform effectively. That’s where Fanbytes came in.

What did we do?

The solution we proposed leveraged our network of media influencer channels with a notably engaged 18+ audience, and it intended to distribute a naturally placed ad campaign to comfortably tap into this demographic. 

With the correct audience in our sights, we developed a 2-post format ad to distribute on Snapchat.

This consisted of a priming snap that generated hype for the Hily service before a ten second ad that showcased the benefits of using this particular app over other, more prominent dating services.

Notable Results

Our split tests ensured we found the best performing creative, and distributing from this angle drove Hily’s target audience to check out the app. Upon seeing the strong CPI and conversion rates of their first campaign, Hily immediately scheduled in a followup campaign with a larger budget.


CPI Reduction


Budget Increase for the Following Campaign



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